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Nigel’s vast experience as a photojournalist means he can tackle any assignment, whether it be a fast-moving sequence outdoors or a more people-oriented portrait shoot.
Either way, he is a supremely focused professional photographer, ultimately as interested in his subject matter as he is in the end result.
With over 32 years’ experience in editorial photography, Nigel approaches every new project with the professional eye of a photo-journalist, always bearing in mind the very personal aspect and end use of the work. In other words, he will listen to your story before he starts taking photographs. He needs to know the person before he works with them. This approach will result in client satisfaction.
Commissioned by Reuters News Agency, Nigel’s speed and fluency with the camera has taken him all over the world. He uses this vast experience to achieve the best results for a wide variety of clients. He has documented large sporting events such as the Commonwealth and Olympic Games, the America’s Cup races, Rugby World Cups and breaking news events. He was a contracted photographer for the London Sunday Times and worked as a photojournalist for Associated Press during the conflicts in Bosnia and Somalia.
Closer to home, while working for New Zealand’s largest newspaper, NZ Herald, he covered the Fiji coups in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Based in Auckland he now covers many different events for a variety of clients. People portraiture has become a strong preference.


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